Buck Hill Ski & Snowboard Status Report

Base: 6″ to 42″

Conditions: Groomed, Spring Conditions

Status: Red Tail Rope will be closed while we are rebuilding jumps 3/11-12.



Closed 1. Freeway / Halfpipe Closed 1. Freeway Rope Tow
Closed 2. Knob Terrain Park Closed 2. Quad Chair
Closed 3. Rail Yard Terrain Park Closed 3. Ballroom Rope Tow
Closed 4. Warner’s Way Closed 4. Quad Chair
Closed 5. Olympic Dreams Closed 5. Red Tail Rope Tow
Closed 6. Sailer’s Chute Closed 6. Triple Chair
Closed 7. Mouse Pass Closed 7. Wonder Carpet
Closed 8. Crossroads Closed 8. Magic Carpet
Closed 9. Milk Run Closed 9. Little Jibber Rope Tow
Closed 10. Red Tail Ridge – Terrain Park Closed 10. Snow Tubing Lift • SNOW TUBING HOURS
Closed 11. Teacher’s Pet
Closed 12. Little Jibber Terrain Park


Closed 13. Woodchuck Way Open Open
Closed 14. Coyote Cutoff

May open or close at any time due to conditions.

Closed 15. Deer Run Closed Closed
Closed 16. School Yard

Clock Tower
Milk Run