The Ski Challenge offers adults, kids and families a fun way to enjoy ski racing. The Ski Challenge organizes recreational skiers into race leagues, similar to tennis, golf or bowling. Each league has 10-16 teams with ten members per team. The league series at Buck Hill includes five adult leagues and four all-age leagues to choose from during the seven weeks of racing starting in January. December Pre-season is also available for both adults and all-ages and includes three weeks of racing.

Members race through two, timed modified giant slalom courses. A handicapping system compares each racer’s individual time to a pacesetter’s on the same run to determine a new handicap each race. The better of the two handicapped runs is used for scoring. Scores are also sent in to NASTAR.

 No previous experience is necessary, only the desire to have fun! Ski Challenge is as competitive as the individual makes it. The timed courses are on hills designed for intermediate skiers.

 For more information call 952-894-9220