We went from nothing to all in Minnesota winter!

Practices are on for this week.

A quick refresher course on how to dress:
– Layers, avoid cotton. Keep your core warm, a vest is always a great idea to add because is keeps the blood flowing through your body warm. Warm your base layer and add layers.
– Socks, don’t put on your ski socks till you put on your boots. That way they are not sweaty, which in turn makes you cold.
– Mittens are warmer than gloves, but don’t forget some liners.
– Hand and Foot Warmers, the simple things – drop some warmers in your gloves, and your hands will be toasty. When you stick them to your socks, be sure to put them on the top of your toes.
– Boot gloves, a great way to keep the heat in.

Just a few ideas to keep you warm!