Season Pass Insurance

Ski Pass Insurance covers the cost of your season pass if you are no longer able to use the pass for reasons such as sickness or injury to you, a family member, or traveling companion; primary residence or destination being made uninhabitable, being subpoenaed, required to serve on jury duty, or quarantined; job transfer; pregnancy or childbirth; employer termination or layoff. If you have any coverage questions and cannot find them on this page, please call our 24-hour Ski Pass Insurance line at 866.370.0246.

Accepting the Coverage:
• Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage: If insurance is purchased within 14 days of purchase of the ski pass, the Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion will be waived. You must be medically able to ski when you buy the insurance.
• Pre-Season Pass Cancellations: Travel Guard will reimburse the full cost of your season pass if you’re unable to use it due to a covered reason. Pre-season claims must be made prior to the start of the ski season.
• Mid-season Reimbursements (pro-rated): Travel Guard will pro-rate your reimbursement based on the number of days skied prior to the incident. For example, if you make a claim after using your pass for prior skiing days, the refund will reflect these prior uses and reimbursement will be minus these dates.

If you have already purchased your pass and wish to purchase pass insurance, please call our Ticket Office at (952) 435-7174, extension 610. Ski Pass Insurance is offered until the ski season or 30 days after you purchase your season pass (whichever date comes later).


Top Ten Reasons to Cover Your Season Pass Investment

  1. A family member gets sick and you cannot use your ski pass because you are providing care and unable to go on your trip.
  2. You lose your job and cannot afford to use your ski pass.
  3. You are relocated for your job and are no longer going to use your ski pass.
  4. The resort closes indefinitely due to a natural disaster.
  5. Your home is destroyed in a natural disaster and you can no longer use your ski pass.
  6. You break your leg or become injured in a way that leaves you unable to ski.
  7. You become pregnant and can no longer ski this year.
  8. Your child or grandchild becomes hospitalized and you will no longer utilize your ski pass.
  9. You are a member of the military and your leave is revoked or reassigned and you cannot utilize the last two months of your ski pass.
  10. You need surgery and recovery time prevents you from using your ski pass.