Mountain Bike Kids Day Camp

Mountain bike camps are designed with an emphasis on achieving safe, injury-free riding through the establishment and continuous refinement of core skills. We start with basic skills and techniques and build on mastering these in order for the children to be safe and enjoy the rides. We teach skill development using fun games, sequential skill mastery and developing the children’s risk and hazard perception off road. This is achieved through the development of fundamental and advanced skills which improve the rider’s capacity to overcome trail difficulties and avoid injury. Kids must be strong, able to ride on pavement and dirt, and be comfortable riding 5+ miles! Each camp features special Guest Speakers from our local bike shops as well as Guest Instructors.

Week 1: June 20-24 OR July 11-15
Intro to Mountain Biking/Basic skills (offered twice)

A step by step guide to beginner mountain Bike skills to help make the riders first rides easier. Students build confidence in tire grip, working on anticipation and focus points. We will help teach your child to shift through their gears and become strong riders. It will help developing lifelong skills and a commitment to active lifestyles that will hopefully encourage them to continue mountain biking as they become older – for fitness and enjoyment. Our guest speakers from our local bike shops will help teach your child about basic bike care and our guest instructors will help inspire learning.

Week 2: June 27-July1 OR July18-22
Intermediate Mountain Biking/Gravity Intro ( offered twice)

Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers – This week of camp covers all the aspects of riding includ ing how to relate to descending switchbacks, cornering, proper line choice while de scending switchbacks, body position, weight placement, vision, line choice, braking, etc … Students will practice in our Skills Park where they will l earn the skills needed to ride off road. Our guest speakers from our local bike shops will help teach your child about bike maintenance and our guest instructors will help inspire learning.

Time: 9am – Noon or 1pm – 4pm – Monday through Friday
Ages: 4th-7th grades
Location: Buck Hill Mountain Bike Skills Course

Session 1 Intro to Mt Bike – June 20-24 – Deadline for discount/free T-shirt = June 6
Session 1 Mt Bike Skill level 2 – June 7 – July 1 – Deadline for discount/free T-shirt = June 13 Session 2 Intro to Mt Bike – July 11 – 15 – Deadline for discount/free T-shirt = June 27
Session 2 Mt Bike Skill level 2 – July 18 – 22 – Deadline for discount/free T-shirt = July 4

Cost: $125 per session ($135 after early registration deadline)


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Day Camp FAQ

What age kids can attend these camps? Suggested age, kids should be entering the fourth grade in the fall.

Who will teach these Camps? PMBI & IMBA certified guest coaches from our local bike shops will help inspire learning and teach your child about basic bike care.

What will my child learn at these camps?
Intro to Mountain Biking/Basic – Step by step guide to beginner Mt. Bike Skills
They will learn the pure fun of mountain biking in our Newly built Skills Park
• Braking, Shifting, slow speed cornering, descending, Small rollers, and safety
• Basic skills of mountain biking with minimal instruction. The focus is on letting them develop and discover through fun and games.
• It is designed to get kids more confident and build their strength and bike handling skills, always with an emphasis on safety, and fun!!! •
Intermediate MT Biking/Skills and Drills – Pumps, Bumps, and Rollers    Your child should have at least 3 – 4 full years of riding experience, and feel comfortable riding gravel roads as well as some single track.
• Properly climb and descend hills and rock gardens o
• Students will learn proper body positioning, including drills for “heavy feet, light hands” o
• Learn the “attack positon” for maneuvering over obstacles, weight distribution
•    Jumping techniques all taught in our Newly built Skills Park
• The camps will also teach students how to take care of their bikes, so they will work better, and therefore be more fun!

What should I bring? *
• Bike ~ ** Please makes sure your bike is in good working order prior to the clinic.
• Helmet ~ You must have a helmet in order to participate in the clinic.
• Gym shoes or clip-in bike shoes ~ depending on your pedals. FLAT PEDALS ARE PREFERRED AND ENCOURAGED FOR THIS CLINIC
• Gloves ~ Optional, but recommended.
• Sunglasses/Sun Block
• Full water bottle or Hydration Pack
• Extra clothing ~ Something you can change into when the day is over.
• Towel