Taught by women, for women, this encouraging camp is divided into two skills levels; beginner and intermediate. It is designed for riders who need guidance in building confidence and skills. This group is perfect for the first time rider who has never ridden on dirt trail or someone who has maybe only ridden on dirt a few times. Whether you are physically fit (or looking to get there!), adventurous and want to learn more about mountain biking.

Core Mountain Biking Skills Learned In Camp

  • Bike Set up for optimal riding and control
  • Correct Body Position Balanced
  • Weight Placement
  • Vision – How to Look Ahead Correctly
  • Cornering Technique
  • How to Brake Effectively

What to bring

  • Your tuned up mountain bike with gears
  • Helmet (must be CPSC certified)
  • Camelback or water bottle on bike
  • Snack for each day to be carried with you
  • Gloves and bike shorts are encouraged
Session 1: June 14, 21, & 28 – Early registration deadline: June 1
Session 2: July 12, 19, & 26 – Early registration deadline: June 29
Time: 6 – 8 PM
Location: Buck Hill Mountain Bike Skills Course

Cost: $65 per session ($75 after early registration deadline)

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You may ask… “I haven’t been on a bike in years and I am horribly out of shape. Can I still do this clinic?”
Yes! Even if you have not been on a bike in years, you can still participate in this clinic. The Beginning groups is a great way to get back on the bike or give mountain biking your first try. Instructors will teach you basic handling and shifting and drills on the pavement will give you the chance to get comfortable on the bike.

Who is coaching at this event?
Coaches who love what they do!! WE will have PMBI and IMBA Certified coaches at all the clinics.

How do I know what level I am?
Beginner Groups
You have riding skills & balance, and are wanting to gain confidence and fitness. You want to feel comfortable both on and off trails and learn how to work through your gears. You may be timid, but you want to begin to learn how to ride over obstacles. You are close to progressing to an Intermediate level, but still need some guidance and encouragement before feeling confident enough to move up.

Intermediate Groups
While you have been mountain biking for a little over two years and may have solid Intermediate skills, you still tend to question your ability riding new obstacles or trails. You may be someone who has ridden in the past and after several years coming back to the sport, but have technical abilities beyond a Beginner level. You may not be as physically fit and worry about holding up others when riding in a group. You feel confident on the trails and obstacles you ride regularly, but you may be lacking confidence when trying something new.