Action Sports Camp • Ski

Thanks to the recent addition of Neveplast (artificial snow surface) we can enjoy our favorite Winter Pastimes Year-Round. Alpine Sports Camps include: Lift Service, Rental Equipment if needed, and 5 days with one of our Action Sports Guides.  Participants are required to provide their own helmet.

Ski Base Camp

Base Camp is for first time skiers. Base Campers will learn the basics of skiing with more structured training at the beginning of camp and time to play and explore as the week progresses.

Time: 9am – Noon or 1pm – 4pm – Monday through Friday
Ages: 4th-8th grades (ages 8-13)
Location: Buck Hill Artificial Snow Slopes

Ski Summit Camp

(Advanced Beginners through Expert Skiers)
Summit Camp is for skiers who have the basics down and are ready to head for the summit.  Summit Campers will be challenged and motivated to expand their skill set. Participants will be separated into ability groups for the week. Group size will be no more than 10-12 Campers per instructor.

Time: 9am – Noon or 1pm – 4pm – Monday through Friday
Ages: 4th-8th grades (ages 8-13)
Location: Buck Hill Artificial Snow Slopes

Base and Summit Campers can expect to be active for three hours. The first hour will be warm-up activities, field games, stretching and getting geared up for their Neveplast session. For the next two hours, campers will be out on the hill skiing. Water breaks will be taken as needed. For guests that sign up for the whole day, lunchtime will be from 12:00pm-1:00pm. You may bring your own lunch or purchase food at our new restaurant Black Diamond. (Located above the Ski School)

Action Sports Camps: Ski Session Dates

Cost: $175 per session ($185 after early registration deadline)


June 19-23 Monday-Friday (9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm)
Early Registration Deadline: June 5th

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June 26 – 30 Monday-Friday (9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm)
Early Registration Deadline: June 12th

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July 17 – 21 Monday-Friday (9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm)
Early Registration Deadline: July 3

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August 7th – August 11th Monday-Friday (9am-12pm)
Early Registration Deadline: July 24th

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Early Drop and Late Pick-up

To accommodate parent’s busy schedules, Action Sports Camp provides Early Drop and Late Pick-up options. The Early Drop and Late Pick-up program provides supervised activities for campers from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. before camp and from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. after camp.  The same service will be provided for those campers from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. during lunch time if they are signed up for a morning and afternoon session.

How should students be dressed?

Guests should plan to be outside playing field games, skiing, snowboarding, biking, and tubing. We recommend that everyone bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, and a raincoat.  Athletic attire/ shoes that can get dirty.

Long sleeves and pants for the Skiers and Snowboards as well as gloves and a helmet. Gloves should be non-insulated and durable enough for use on the tow rope. We recommend rubber gloves. They can be purchased in the Ski School or Ticket Office.

What type of protective gear should my child bring?

A helmet certified by the manufacturers to meet either the CPSC bicycle helmet standard or the ASTM F1492 Skateboard helmet standard is required.  Gloves to protect the camper’s hands if they were to fall or use the rope tow.  Other protective gear to consider:  Impact shorts, knee and elbow pads.

What should a camper expect during the week?

Monday: Group activities to get to know other campers, Gearing up to slide, Instruction on Neveplast

Tuesday:  Gear up, Structured practice time, Open skiing or boarding, Group games to finish the day

Wednesday:  Gear up, Structured practice time, Open skiing or boarding, Group games to finish the day

Thursday:  Gear up, Structured practice time, Open skiing or boarding, Group games to finish the day

Friday:  Gear up, Open skiing or boarding, Neveplast Challenge Course, Group games to finish the day

Can my child switch from one sport to another?

As a general rule, we like campers to stick with the sport the sign up for.  In certain cases, we will allow first time skiers or snowboarder to switch during their first day of camp.

What if it rains?

Rain will not affect the ski or board camps.  Campers should bring rain gear on wet days.  In the event of severe weather, campers will be brought indoors until it is safe to return to outdoor activities.  In the event of continued thunderstorms, classes may be cancelled. We will contact everyone to let them know as soon as possible.

Cancellation due to heat?

Excessive heat will be met with increased water breaks, as well as cool-down times, shaded activities and increased attention to comfort levels.

How does the Early Drop/Late Pick-up program work?

Early Drop/ Late Pick-up program provides supervised activities for all campers coming prior to 9:00 a.m., staying through lunch or being picked up after 4:00 p.m. Activities may include group games, more sliding or riding time or even watching action sport videos.  Campers will need to provide their own snacks if they come early or stay late.

How do I contact my child in case of an emergency?

You may contact the ticket office at 952-435-7174 x 610 or the Ski & Snowboard School at (952) 255-6700. Both areas have the ability to page someone over the intercom. We will also do our best to track down the coordinator of the group to help locate your child.

If I use my own equipment, will skiing or snowboarding on Neveplast damage my equipment?

Any surface you ski or snowboard on will wear against the base of your equipment. Compared to the abrasiveness of snow and ice Neveplast should not cause any more wear than one would usually see skiing in the winter.  However, in some cases P-Tex damage may occur

Should I wax or tune my skis or snowboard?

Skiers and snowboards will want their equipment sharpened just as they would for winter.  However, any winter wax should be scraped from the bottom of the equipment.  The Neveplast is inherently slippery and will provide any lubrication needed.

What is it like to fall on?

Just like skiing or snowboarding it depends on the fall. Wearing gloves, long pants and sleeves will help mitigate any abrasions that may occur.  Avoid wearing loose or baggy cotton clothing like sweat pant.  We recommend to always ski or snowboard with in your ability and to follow the seven points of Your Responsibility Code.

How big is the Neveplast surface?

Buck Hill is the largest Neveplast installation in the world with over 150,000 SF.

How long has Neveplast been around?

The oldest Neveplast installation in Europe has been in place for 15 years.